Episode 24 – Favourite video games

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Episode 21 – Guilty Pleasures

On today's episode We've got guest host: Jenny! We talk things we love that also bring us shame. Jenny blows Corey out of the water with her contribution. Read More
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Episode 19 – Mancaves

On today's episode Adam and Corey talk about their perfect home-in-a-home: The Mancave. We also ramble on about fish and choke on Yukon Jack. Read More
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Episode 17 – General life advice

Show notes: On today’s episode, we drank Brickworks Ciderhouse’s Batch: 1904. Taste notes can be found here. Notes on how to get the most out of life: How to get a date (and what we drank) how to... Read More
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Episode 15 – Job Advice

On today's episode Adam and Corey give the some solid job hunting/getting/owning advice. You'll want to get a notepad ready. Read More
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